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Chairman's Statement

Message from Chairperson &

Vice-Chairpersons (2014-2015)

Dear Parents, teachers, Colleagues at the College and Students, 

We wish you well and trust you have rested to be ready for another fruitful year. 

We are honour to be elected as the PTA Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for this school year.  We are equally committed to cultivate a closer and trusted relationship throughout the school community. 

Under the leadership of our previous Chairperson, the PTA’s theme has been “Cohesion” for the last two years which has built a strong foundation for us to build and extend.  This year, our main theme will be “Connection”.  We shall be working to encourage 

1) more interactions with the school community starting from Class Representatives & Student Council, 

2) reaching out to members of the male gender and 

3) enriching parent-child relationship via involvement of the community where the college is located.  

With this in mind, our team of dedicated voluntary parents in the form of the Standing Committee has been working tirelessly over the summer with plans for the coming year to achieve our goals. 

In the Secondary School Years, our child will be transforming from a child to a young adult.  This literally means our role in the eyes of our children will change inevitably. Many of us will find that we are left in a position to learn to cope with such situation. Through the PTA, we can learn from the experiences of our fellow parents and seek support on individual basis.  The Class Representative Group is another variable means in supporting each other via class-base Whatsapp group and activities.  

We acknowledge parents are very busy nowadays but there are many opportunities to become involved in home-school affairs. We hope you will make a point in attending the PTA events and activities throughout the school year; these meetings are a great way to interact with the school and fellow parents.  We are calling for parent volunteers to assist in the many business of the PTA. Please let us know via info@hkugacpta.org.hk if you can offer in any ways, e.g. Honorary Auditor, Honorary Legal Advisor, taking part in activity organising work group, web site maintenance, etc. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the various events and activities! 

With Warmest Regards,

Envel Leung, Rita So and Newman Chan


Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons (2014-2015) 

P.S. The school community is ours (students, parents and teachers), thus your voices must be heard with balances on the ultimate well-being of the whole.  Please do feel free to communicate with us via email (info@hkugacpta.org.hk), any Standing Committee Members or your Class Representatives (after October).  In order for us to follow up on further details as required, we do respectfully request you to leave your contact details such as name, student’s name, class, class no, email and/or telephone number when contacting us.  All communications are treated confidentially by our responsible SC member(s) unless prior agreement is given by you.  We regret we are unable to respond to any anonymous communication.