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Message from the Editorial Team

So much has happened since the founding of the school in September 2006. Teachers with a wide spread of cultural background and a shared dream in education were hired. Many parents chose the school with a wide spectrum of expectations. Education is of no compromise. our common goal of providing quality education for our new generations has put us together on the same "boat".

Shortly before the end of November 2006, the PTA Preparatory Committee of the School, the so-called "PTAPC", was establlshed. Parents started to lend a hand to take care of the non-academic affairs of students. To quote some statistics, for every 5 families of the school, there was 1 parent volunteer serving the PTAPC in one way or another. The Student Welfare Support Group and the School Activity Support Group have tremendously relieved the heavy workload of the administrative and teaching staff. The Constitution Drafting Group took no less than 70 meeting hours to put together the first draft of the PTA Constitution and tabled it for review by the IMC, the Incorporated Management Committee of the School, before the first PTA Standing Committee (PTASC) was elected in May 2008.

Since the formal setting up of the PTA, we have entered a new era of home-school cooperation, characterized by the effective leadership of the PTASC and the selfless contributions of an enthusiastic team of parent volunteers.

Our School do not have a long history to take pride in but we are now creating our own history through building on the sound foundation laid down by our Sponsoring Body, the Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation. We do not have our own culture yet we are nurturing it with the passions of all contributors, namely, the Education Foundation members, the school managers, the principal, the vice principals, teachers, parents and most importantly, our children. The future is in our hands, and our PTA will strive to serve all parents and teachers through building effective channels to communicate, to reflect, and to pool resources in order to actualize our mission and vision in education for the ultimate benefits of our next generation. Your support and feedback to this PTA newsletter will be most essential to making it one of these channels.


Articles Wanted

Teachers and parents, let's strengthen this forum by openly sharing and reflecting ideas and views. We welcome your articles, free-formatted, in Chinese, English or illustrations which will be published in our coming issues.



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