See the world from different perspectives
By Virginia Chi | January 2011
Hikathon 2010 photos.
Courtesy of the Hong Kong Unison.

How does it feel like when you are always in the minority with your interests being under-represented in the bigger group? Or when you are being discriminated just because you and your family were born in a place different from the place you are now residing?

This is perhaps not a situation familiar to local Chinese in Hong Kong, but not uncommon for the non-Chinese populace in our society. Of the 7.1 million people in Hong Kong, about five per cent are non-Chinese. That means one in every 20 persons is ethnic minorities.

To know more about the issue of ethnic minorities, a group of students and parents talked to Dr Stephen Fisher, JP, a former Director of the Social Welfare of the Hong Kong Government, in October 2010. After his retirement in 2009, Dr Fisher is now an elected Deputy Chairperson of the Hong Kong Unison, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is aimed at promoting racial harmony and equal opportunities in Hong Kong.