PTA Structure




Chairman (Mr Danny Poon)
  • Lead the PTA team to ensure that the aim and objectives of the Association are realized
  • Being Spokesman & Representative of the Association
  • Chair Standing Committee Meetings and attend General Meetings
  • Set Agenda and approve Minutes of the Standing Committee meetings
  • Make decisions on any item on the Agenda of the Standing Committee meetings as and when required
  • Prepare Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting
Vice Chairman (Mr Sam Chan) 
  • Execute duty of the Chairman during his/her absence
  • Assist in preparation of the Annual Report for the Annual General Meeting
  • Execute duties as and when required by the Standing Committee 
Treasurer (Ms Yvonne Leung)
  • Ensure the Association complies with the Ordinance as a registered society
  • Monitor expenses and maintain financial or accounting records for the Association
  • Apply EDB funding and follow-up approval
  • Keep good control of the use of funds and assets of the Association
  • Prepare Annual Financial Report for the Annual General Meeting

 Secretary  (Ms Linda Lok)
  • Provide secretarial support for the Standing Committee
  • Prepare Agenda and Minutes of all Standing Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Keep safe custody of the stamps of the Association
  • Maintain a register of interest in accordance with the Societies Ordinance 


 Promotion Group Lead (Mr Danny Poon)
  • Create/Maintain a web base platform for the school team, parents and students to share news of the Association and views of various issues
  • Maintain, update and promote the utilization of eCafe and home page
  • Work with the school IT team to strengthen  the linkage of eClass (school web) & eCafe

Parent  Education Group Lead (Ms Queenie Leung)
  • Identify parents’ needs in terms of parenting
  • Organize workshop, seminars, training to meet parents’ needs
  • Build up channels for experience sharing in terms of parent’s education

Parent  Interest Group Lead
 (Ms Audrey Loh)
  • Organise interests groups to support extended learning activities to strengthen relationship amongst school team, parents & students 


Ambassador (Ms Wendy Li) 

  • Keep an updated list of contact for all parent volunteers & Affiliated Members
  • Recruit parent volunteers to support and assist school events as and when required
  • Keep liaison with Class and Form Representatives


Student Welfare Group Lead (Ms Yvonne Leung) 

  • Provide support to the school in student welfare issues
  • Help identify student needs and assist the school to supervise service quality provided by welfare service providers

Community Service Group Lead (Mr Adwood Tang) 
  • Organise charity service to enhance school image and for life education sharing with school team, parents & students 


 Parent Manager (Ms Audrey Loh)  Alternate Parent Manager ( Mr Sam Chan)